Sales of high-quality iron and stainless steel products

Iron products

Dominion GmbH has had a distribution agreement with the Russian company Severstal Metiz since the company was established.

This partner currently has three production facilities in Russia and the Ukraine.

We also purchase products from other suppliers in order to optimise and complement our offer in terms of quality, price and delivery time.

You can obtain our current terms and conditions on request or through offers prepared on a monthly basis that we can forward to you regularly if you so require.

Stainless steel products

Since 2004 we have been offering stainless steel wires from our contract partner Raajratna Metal Industries Limited, from their Indian production plant.

We are happy to work with our Indian partner to cater for your specific needs and requests. We can make arrangements on short notice with customers and the factory regarding technical data, packaging, delivery times and other conditions.

The subsidiary Raajratna Ventures Ltd. complements the product range with pipes and fastening components (see 

We are happy to provide offers on 

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